Agar Fruit Jelly

This was the fruit jelly I shared in my IG stories a few days ago @ritzypixie. They look like cute crystals don’t they? Tastes great too! Recipe was taken from Chef Pailin @hotthaikitchen but this is basically made out of agar (seaweed) powder, lychee syrup and sugar.

You can get creative and use different fruits as you wish. My personal tweak on this yummy treat is to add a few pieces of dragon fruit (pitaya). As you can see the colors turned out amazing! I used fruit cutters to get them shaped into stars and hearts. Don’t worry, nothing’s wasted as any excess ended up in my tummy 😜! You can also make them into popsicles (if you are like me who doesn’t want to share 😜) just add half a teaspoon more of agar powder to make it firmer. Not my original recipe so I will just direct you to HOT THAI KITCHEN youtube channel, search for Agar Jelly Fruit Cake recipe if you want to recreate it! Perfect for your next party! 💖⭐️💖